moombahton IV (organize self-defense)

We live under an occupation, under police occupation. Undocumented immigrants are rounded up in the middle of the street, unmarked police cars patrol the boulevards, metropolitan districts are pacified with techniques forged in the colonies, the Minister of the Interior makes declarations of war on “gangs” that remind us of the Algerian war – we are reminded of it every day. These are reasons enough to no longer let ourselves be beaten down, reasons enough to organize our self-defense.

Teen Wolf & Shelco Garcia – Hard (Original Mix)

BabySTEPS – Adversity (Original Mix)

Lil’ Wayne – Lollipop (King Kong “Thinking About You” Bootleg)

Diplo & Duster – ON! (Team Jaguar Moombahton Edit)

Sazon Booya – Mis Armas Part 2

Vato Gonzales + Aldair Silva – Digital Lies (Thee Mike B’s Massive Remix)

MAD (Doc Adam Moombahton Edit)

Uncrushable (Jay Fay Remix) – Bro Safari


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