dancehall III (insurrection)

The commune is the basic unit of partisan reality. An insurrectional surge may be nothing more than a multiplication of communes, their coming into contact and forming of ties. As events unfold, communes will either merge into larger entities or fragment. The difference between a band of brothers and sisters bound “for life” and the gathering of many groups, committees and gangs for organizing the supply and self-defense of a neighborhood or even a region in revolt, is only a difference of scale, they are all communes.

Schlachthofbronx – Slowine / Dickie Riddim ft. Warrior Queen

Anthony B “Dem Can’t Stop We From Talk” Stereotyp’s 800 pound gorilla remix

Shottas (A Tribe Called Red Socca Core Remix)

Zeds Dead – Undah Yuh Skirt ft. Movado

Wes de Graaf – Pull up Riddim

Big Bad Wolf (Toddla T remix Sabo Edit)

Black x Roses (KAREN!)


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