moombahton III (remove all obstacles, one by one)

Take a look at what surrounds us: all this will have its final hour. The metropolis suddenly takes on an air of nostalgia, like a field of ruins.All the incivilities of the streets should become methodical and systematic, converging in a diffuse, effective guerrilla war that restores us to our ungovernability, our primordial unruliness. It’s disconcerting to some that this same lack of discipline figures so prominently among the recognized military virtues of resistance fighters. In fact though, rage and politics should never have been separated. Without the first, the second is lost in discourse; without the second the first exhausts itself in howls. When words like “enragés” and “exaltés” resurface in politics they’re always greeted with warning shots.

Don Attis – Roman Wings (Original mix)

Revolution – Jack Beats (Bror Wars Moombahton Edit)

Dj Melo – Star Time

Next Level (Sabo’s MoombahDeep Edit)

Dusted feat. Sabo – Nadastrom

Juelz Santana – Clockwork (Bombé Bootleg)


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