dancehall II (training and learning)

Escaping this fate calls for a long and consistent process of apprenticeship, and for multiple, massive experiments. It’s a question of knowing how to fight, to pick locks, to set broken bones and treat sicknesses; how to build a pirate radio transmitter; how to set up street kitchens; how to aim straight; how to gather together scattered knowledge and set up wartime agronomics; understand plankton biology; soil composition; study the way plants interact; get to know possible uses for and connections with our immediate environment as well as the limits we can’t go beyond without exhausting it. We must start today, in preparation for the days when we’ll need more than just a symbolic portion of our nourishment and care.

Modeselektor feat. Busdriver “Pretentious Friends” (MONKEYTOWN)

Modeselektor feat. Nazizi & Abbas “Monkey Flip” (MONKEYTOWN RECORDS)

Diplo & Afrojack vs. Major Lazer – Look At The Line Now (SAVA Mashup)

Leftside f. Mystic – Phat Punani Remix



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